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NEW - Library Subscription Lists!

Library members can now view lists of every journal title the Research Library subscribes to on behalf of staff and research associates at National Museums Scotland.

Login to your Library Account using the above link and select 'Lists' from the left-hand menu. The Public lists tab gives a rundown of journals by collections department. Some of these journals will be available in print only, some will have online access only, and some will be a combination. Get in touch with the Library if you need a login to access a few resources that are not available on the Museums' IP network, or if you have any queries about a specific title.

The Library holds hundreds of journals, beyond what's on display in the Research Library. The technical subject-matter makes many of these journals unique, meaning they are only available at the National Museums, and within Scotland. The Library is always happy to retrieve issues or articles for Museum visitors - who will not have Library accounts - to have them ready at a visit. Or come in and have a gander at what's on the rack!
Published on 26/10/2023 • Show all news
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If you are in this category and do not know your login details, retrieve them using the 'Forgot your password' link below, or contact the library team.

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The public can consult library and archive collections at two of our sites. Contact the Library Team in advance of your visit to ensure that specific items can be made available to you on the day:

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