Special Collections: Jessie M. Sweet Archive

The Jessie Sweet archive relates to Jessie May Sweet (1901-1979), mineralogist and historian of science.

Jessie May Sweet worked in the Department of Mineralogy of the British Museum (Natural History) from 1927 until her retirement in 1961, when she moved to Edinburgh. She then became an authority on the life of Robert Jameson (1774-1854), Professor of Natural History in Edinburgh University. Most of the papers belong to this later period; her earlier notebooks and manuscripts are held by the Natural History Museum in London.

Jessie M. Sweet Archive Listing

Thomas H. Shepherd, the interior of Bullock's Museum, Piccadilly, 1810. Black and white copy of a coloured illustration, courtesy of the British Museum. Taken from Jessie Sweet's research into William Bullock's collection (NMS 4/13)