Special Collections: Miscellaneous Papers

The library archive holds the papers of historians, professors, naturalists, geologists, zoologists, artists, authors, trusts, societies and scientific expeditions including:

David Armitage Bannerman (1886-1979) Ornithologist.

Robert Dunlop (1848-1921) Geologist.

Challenger Expedition (1872-1876) Photographs from a global oceanographic, exploratory voyage that laid the foundation of modern oceanography.

Isobel Simpson Pseudonym "Carita", author of "Lacis: practical instructions in filet brodé or darning on net" (1909)

Charles Waterton (1782-1865) Naturalist.

Adam White (1817-1879) Naturalist.

Agnes Marie Kindberg (1906) Teacher of embroidery and dress design.

John Fleming (1785-1857) Scottish minister, naturalist, zoologist and geologist.

Leslie Allan Drummond (1920-1997) Metal sculptor and painter.

Robert Waterston Historian of papermaking in Scotland.

Listing of miscellaneous papers