Special Collections: W S Bruce

These papers consist of a great variety of manuscript material, relating to William Speirs Bruce, polar explorer, oceanographer and naturalist (1867 -1921) principally to the different expeditions in which Bruce took part:

  • 1892-3 "Balaena" Dundee Antarctic Whaling Expedition
  • 1896-7 The Jackson-Harmsworth Expedition
  • 1898 "Blencathra"
  • 1898-9 "Princess Alice"
  • 1902-4 "Scotia" Scottish National Antarctic Expedition
  • 1906-19 Spitsbergen and the Scottish Spitsbergen Syndicate

A Finding List of the archive was created by Joy Pitman in 1982 which also includes a transcript of the diary of A. Forbes Mackay 1908-9, a member of a three-man party which reached the South Magnetic Pole on January 16, 1909.

Cartoon of W.S. Bruce originally published in a Buenos Aires newspaper